Why Use Cloud-Based Customer Service Software

Ahmad Aggour
Ahmad Aggour

Our friends at GetApp were interested in offering some advice to its readers on customer service and the importance of using cloud-based software to enable your team to deliver great support. My new friend, Karen, posed a few questions, and I did my best to provide helpful answers. Take a look below.

You can also read the full article on GetApp, where other experts shared their insight on the topic.

What does your business need to take in consideration when it comes to delivering the best customer service?

First, businesses need to understand that customer service is a key component of the overall customer experience; and those that provide the best experiences are the ones that will succeed in the hyper-competitive business landscape that we’re in today. To deliver the best customer service, businesses must show empathy; authentic empathy. In order to do that, the customer service rep needs to understand how that customer has interacted with your business in the past. Is this a repeat issue? Is it a new issue altogether? Has that customer expressed displeasure with you previously, or have they traditionally been a brand advocate?

Understanding the context, and being empathetic to their concern is key to delivering the best customer service. Modern apps make all of this possible.

What should you look for in a cloud-based customer service app? What are the benefits of using an app to manage your customer service?

I know that for us at Nutshell, a big part of selecting a customer service app was knowing that it will integrate with our CRM, which also happens to be our product. Since our CRM is the system that houses all customer interactions with our company, it’s important that any correspondence that happens with a customer also appear in Nutshell. The key benefit is that rather than needing to hop around between apps to find all of the customer information and interaction history, it lives in one central location, visible by all customer-facing staff in the company.

How will it improve the service you deliver to your customer?

A customer service app should help you support more customers, faster. Additionally, it will improve the quality of support that each customer receives because support reps will have more information about the customer and the problem, allowing them to more quickly provide the answers or assistance needed by the customer, with minimal back-and-forth communication that draws out the process and negatively impacts the overall customer experience.

Why is it better to buy one rather than build your own?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that buying one is better than building your own, but you do have the benefit of an app that is already used by many businesses and has already defined and iterated on the customer support process, significantly reducing the amount of time and effort needed to have an effective tool up and running.

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