We’re growing (again!) in Ann Arbor

Joe Malcoun
Joe Malcoun

We have some big news to share and we’re giving you, our customers, the scoop first!

Since I came on board as Nutshell’s CEO a year ago we have doubled our team, added a record number of new customers and released powerful new features in our product. Wow…it’s been a productive twelve months and we’re only just getting started.

For companies like Nutshell, capital is so much more than a survival tool; it’s an important growth strategy.

[drumroll, please…]

In August, Nutshell closed several million dollars of new investment. We are proud to have all of our existing investors participating in this round, but we’re especially excited that we have brought on a new major partner: Plymouth Growth Partners.

We’re calling this funding event our A-2 round in homage to our hometown, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

nutshell investors plymouth ventures partners

I’ve spent several years as a full-time venture investor, and I’m hyper aware of the importance of choosing the right partner. And in Plymouth we’ve found a team that exceeds expectations. They are smart, committed, open and very enthusiastic about the long-term success of Nutshell. Given their collective experience, it’s as if we added 100+ years of experience to our management team. I couldn’t be happier to welcome them to Nutshell.

In fact, Evan Ufer and Mark Horne, two of Plymouth’s Partners, even grew “due diligence beards” to demonstrate their commitment!

But what does this mean for you?

Well, a lot! It means stability. It means growth. It means product velocity. And it means upping our game in every way possible. With this new round of financing we’re hiring across the entire organization.

A better product—built faster

Our engineering team is growing so we can deliver more features, refine old ones and make sure we address bugs as fast as possible. And in September, we’re shipping one of our largest updates to one of the most important parts of Nutshell.

(Even) better support

Our customer team will grow so we can continue to offer best in class support by phone, email, chat. We add hundreds of new customers each month and we’re keeping up our end of the bargain by scaling where it matters most. And unlike the competition, we’re committed to answering the phone when our customers call!

A louder megaphone

We’re also expanding our sales and marketing team. Sales is obviously close to our heart—but we’ve also been very conservative in building our own team. We’ve grown to thousands of customers globally by putting out an awesome product and then providing great support.

But that is about to change. We’re really proud of what we’ve built and we know Nutshell helps other businesses grow. We’re going to make sure everyone knows just how much we can help other entrepreneurs reach their goals.

So: keep growing great things, Nutshell is doubling down to be the very best sales collaboration platform for your company and we are about to hit the gas (again!).

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