Timeline filters arrive

Ahmad Aggour
Ahmad Aggour

The Timeline Feed in Nutshell is one of those features that our users absolutely love. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from all of you on how great it is to be able to see a real-time feed of all company activities, and now we’ve made it even better.

We’re excited to announce Timeline Filters in Nutshell! When you log into your Nutshell account, you’ll notice a new dropdown menu in your timeline, near the upper right-hand corner of your feed.

By clicking on “Filter timeline,” you’ll find a few different ways that you can filter your timeline to make searching for emails, activities, and notes that much easier. You’ll also notice that you can filter by individual user!

We hope you enjoy the new filters as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them! Stay tuned for more exciting (and much bigger) product announcements as Q1 progresses!

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