The purpose behind Nutshell: Helping small businesses grow

Joe Malcoun
Joe Malcoun

Why do we show up to work? Because we love what we do. We love who we work with and get fired up about improving our product so our customers can grow their businesses.

We’re here for the small businesses. The upstarts. The growth-focused SaaS startups and the brick-and-mortar shops. At Nutshell we make a tool that helps these companies succeed. It’s a noble purpose and one that we do not ever intend to abandon.

Lots of startups say they want to serve small businesses, but they’re actually just waiting for the big enterprise sale that will supposedly propel them into an IPO. We see things differently and are very excited to know that others are beginning to share our perspective.

Small businesses are awesome. These companies matter to us because they are owned and operated by our friends and family. We see and feel and hear their pain and understand that our product is uniquely situated to help them. They create a ton of jobs in our economy, support innovation at every level and offer people a chance to climb the economic ladder. As involved members of our community and ambitious professionals in our industry, we care about these things immensely.

And every single one of our customers is a small or medium sized business. When we scroll through our list of accounts it’s a window into our amazingly diverse global economy. Every time a new customer signs up it’s a chance for us to learn something new and we thrive on that. We recently asked a few of our customers how Nutshell helps them in their business.

nutshell helping small businesses grow let us compost

Let Us Compost provides households and businesses around Athens, GA, access to composting solutions. They’ve been a Nutshell customer for just a few months now and already love the product:

"Nutshell helps us keep track of our customers and remember all the awesome people we meet through our composting events. With Nutshell, I can wake up in the morning with a clear head, knowing that these contacts and their wishes are stored for me. That way, I am more focused on our current customers, and am able to create reasonable timelines to reach out to prospective customers. Nutshell is not only helping me as a business owner, but is increasing composting all over Georgia." - Kristen Basken (@letuscompost)The UK2 Group

nutshell helping small businesses grow uk2 group

is a global web hosting company with offices in the US, Ukraine, India, and the UK. They arrived at Nutshell after trying a number of different CRM solutions, finally settling on our elegant and intuitive approach.

"At UK2 Group our motto is 'We make hosting easy'...I have to say at Nutshell they must have the motto 'We make CRM easy!' We have sales teams in the UK and the US with varying time zones, currencies, and clients across the globe, Nutshell has proven to be a great fit. Nutshell offers something that most CRMs do not: ease-of-use. Many of our entry-level sales professionals have never used CRM before and Nutshell makes adoption easy." - Braden Ellis (LinkedIn)

nutshell helping small businesses grow 300 below

300 Below is one of many very unique businesses that we have the pleasure of learning about at Nutshell. They provide solutions for cryogenic processing. Their services allow customers to save money and material.

"300 Below relies on Nutshell to measure performance of our staff and inspire competition by giving our team access to respond rapidly to new inbound leads. Without the ability to integrate tightly with Gmail, create sales processes, and interface with our custom post-sales backend (which we rapidly built on the Nutshell API using Ruby on Rails!) we would not be able to function effectively.

Maximizer, SugarCRM and SalesForce all failed to sustain our technology-averse sales staff who would rather spend more time calling and serving our customers than getting stuck learning how to enter notes or using a poorly designed mobile interface. Nutshell makes it insanely SIMPLE to capture, retain, and search for information about our customers." - Prescott Paulin (@prescott)

Pretty awesome, huh? We celebrate every new customer we have the privilege of serving and are so proud of the Nutshell community.

Every person on our team has signed up for this shared mission and we’ve all committed to showing up everyday to make it happen. So far, I have yet to meet someone who fails to get behind our purpose and that tells me we’re on the right path.

At Nutshell we’re going to keep pushing out awesome features and partnering with companies that are doing the same. We’ll do our job so you have the tools you need to do yours.

So go ahead and mind your business. We’re here to help you do so.