Squirrel talk with Everything But The House

Kylie Hosken
Kylie Hosken

This month we talked with Jason Klare, VP of Sales, from Everything But The House, a company that is transforming the traditional estate sale into an online auction experience.

Kylie: For those who don’t know, what is Everything But The House?

Jason: Everything But The House is revolutionizing the traditional estate sale. We transform the traditional estate sale into a sophisticated and thrilling online auction experience, and we connect our sellers with buyers all over the country and even internationally.

Kylie: What’s the story and history behind it? How did it come about?

Jason: It was started back in 2006 by Brian Graves, who is an antiques lover and tech expert, and Jacquie Denny, who is an auctioneer with a long history in estate sales. The two of them saw families really struggle with arranging traditional estate sales and they knew they could do so much better, which they have. Their model of a full-service process—selling everything from Tupperware to Tiffany—works on many levels for both sellers and buyers.

Kylie: What makes Everything But The House unique and awesome?

Jason: Well, we are a service company with a huge tech element, but we never forget that we are a service company first. And it pays off—our sales bring families three to five times more in final sale proceeds than traditional estate sales.

What I love, and what our team loves, is that we find new homes for family treasures. So that coffee table that was in family for 70 years can find a new family; someone else can now enjoy that piece for years to come. What’s also great is that people bid on items because they’re interested and they really want that piece. Everything starts at a dollar, too! It allows everyone to get involved.

Kylie: What’s the process like of selling an estate?

Jason: We work to partner with other professionals (realtors, estate attorneys, neighbors, etc.) to find people going through a major life change and who need help cleaning everything out. And when I say everything, I mean everything, from the very practical—like kitchen utensils—to the very special, like fine furniture, original art, vintage jewelry, and great collectibles. From the garden hose to old antiques, we take care of it all.

Sales are live for seven days, and people bid on whatever pieces they would like. What’s also great is that we get fair market value for what things are worth, because our bidder base is so big.

Kylie: Do you have any memorable stories or any memorable estates that you’ve sold?

Jason: One story really stands out. We had a lady out of Nashville, TN, selling an estate that had been handed down from her father, then her uncle. Her father had mentioned something about some Rembrandts when they were kids, but they never suspected they were the real thing. Turns out, they were! There were 13 original Rembrandt etchings, many in storage, which were just amazing to find! They ended up going for $50,000.

Kylie: EBTH also has a fantastic blog. Any favorite tips or tricks you can share?

Jason: We’ve got some great ideas there! That’s the fun of EBTH—it’s all about the element of discovery, combined with the thrill of an auction experience. There is so much you can do with what you can find, whether you’re a design enthusiast, decorator, or DIYer.

Kylie: Have there been any pieces that you just had to buy for yourself?

Jason: Ah, many! Some of my favorites are my 1950s electric football game and an autographed Anthony Davis poster. I was also winning a Rolls Royce for four hours one day which was exciting to say the least.

Kylie: What’s the rarest or coolest piece that you’ve come across?

Jason: Well, the Rembrandts were one of the coolest pieces. What I love about our process is that those Rembrandt etchings were available for anyone across the world to purchase. How many opportunities are there like that? We also came across a 17th-century Chinese rhino horn libation cup that sold for $60,000, which was very unique. We’ve had multiple World Series rings and many first-edition books.

Kylie: That’s awesome! What’s next for Everything But The House?

Jason: We’re expanding nationally. We’re opening up locations across the country, and really getting the service out to the world, so it’s going to be a huge year of growth for us, which is exciting.

Kylie: How have you gotten the word out as you expand?

Jason: Well we have so many unique items for sale, and our website is pretty addicting so word spreads quickly. Social media is huge too. When we do get items of significance, we make sure we get the word out too, and it’s really cool to see that impact.

For example, this family in London needed the last figure in this set they had, and were able to send someone to pick up this last piece that they needed and had been searching for. We’re able to find items that people don’t realize have value or don't value personally, and find new homes for those pieces so they can continue to be enjoyed.

Kylie: I love that. Anything else we should know?

Jason: Go out and register at! You may be angry with me for how much time you’ll end up spending on it, but you’ll love it at the same. It really is a cool company; check us out!

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