Quality of life

Joe Malcoun
Joe Malcoun

A couple weeks ago Ryan stopped by my desk to chat about our latest Net Promoter Score results.

We only recently adopted the metric, but are committed to relying on it as a measure of whether or not we’re holding up our end of the deal with our customers.

He told me that our overall NPS was “eh.” It wasn’t great, it wasn’t bad. Lots of room for improvement. Interestingly, our customer satisfaction score remains around 95%. So, what was the deal?

Then he broke down the score for me between admins and non-admins. Whoa! There was huge spread with admins being way more likely to recommend our product than non-admins.

This brings me to our product theme for the next three months:

Quality of life

We stepped back and thought about what could be driving such a massive divide. Sure, most of our customers are small enterprises that don’t bother restricting their colleagues; so most folks are “admins.” And we also posited that companies that do have tighter restrictions might inherently suffer from lower employee satisfaction. Maybe. (Maybe not).But really none of that matters. We want every person who uses Nutshell to love it so much that they would absolutely tell their friends how awesome it is. That is our goal and nothing short.

The answer lies in the product itself. We’ve invested a lot of time into making features for admins more than for everyday folks in the trenches. That’s about to change.

This quarter’s product roadmap is all about the Nutsheller who is hammering the phones, emailing their leads, helping customers succeed, and working alongside their colleagues to grow their business.

Did you know that it takes six taps to create a task on our mobile app? SIX TAPS! I can order a bespoke English shooting jacket with less effort. How about…ONE TAP? Doesn’t that seem a lot better?

We’re committing the next several months to making the product, both web and mobile, way friendlier for you. Your job is going to get easier, more productive and a hell of a lot more fun.

Sign up for a free 14-day trial today and see for yourself how Nutshell can bring your business into the modern era.

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