PandaDoc integration makes document automation simple

Andy Fowler
CEO & Co-Founder, Nutshell
Andy Fowler
CEO & Co-Founder, Nutshell

We just shipped a new feature that makes it easier to push information from Nutshell into other services.

The first integration is with PandaDoc—a terrific tool for sending documents that need signatures (contacts, proposals) and ones that don’t (pitch decks, quotes).With our new Nutshell/PandaDoc integration, you can now create and send documents from any contact, account, or lead in Nutshell.

pandadocs integration panda bear document analytics

PandaDoc is document analytics

Tools like PandaDoc are about more than just emailing a document to your leads, or requesting a signature in a response. Document analytics tools like PandaDoc don’t just tell you who saw and signed each document, but also who read the documents, and even how long they spent on each section.

This information—coupled with aggregated timelines of a CRM like Nutshell—gives you intelligence on the confidence of your leads. This kind of data also tells you who your champions and skeptics are.

PandaDoc lets you add your company’s documents from many sources: Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Word, Evernote, Box, and others.

Nutshell + PandaDoc

PandaDoc utilizes our API to keep in sync with your company’s contacts in Nutshell. Nutshell is the first CRM to integrate the PandaDoc Button API, a convenient way to push contacts into PandaDoc. Visit to get started.We’d love to hear what you think about our PandaDoc integration, and how document analytics + CRM make your business more intelligent. If you’d like us to share your story here, please email us!

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