Introducing Nutshell Pro Enterprise: The best CRM platform for large teams

Ben Goldstein
VP of Marketing, Nutshell
Ben Goldstein
VP of Marketing, Nutshell

At Nutshell, we’ve always prided ourselves on how well we serve businesses of all sizes. But we’ve never had a product tier specifically designed for larger teams—until now.

Available to new customers as of October 2018, Nutshell Pro Enterprise offers customized implementation and personalized training for enterprise businesses, at an amazing price.Pro Enterprise replaces our existing Pro+ package, and is intended for teams of 20 or more users. Want to learn more? Read on...

What does Nutshell Pro Enterprise include that Nutshell Pro doesn’t?

Pro Enterprise provides custom onboarding and team training for new customers, to help large organizations get up and running quickly. With Pro Enterprise, you’ll also get ongoing new user training and ongoing training on new Nutshell features from our world-class support team for the life of your subscription, and “first in line” technical support so there’s less waiting to get your questions answered.

How much does Pro Enterprise cost?

It depends on the size of your team and the level of customization you’ll need for implementation. But we’ll put it like this: We love working with large teams and we’ll do everything we can to work within your budget. Please contact us to get a custom price quote for your business.

Why is Pro+ no longer being offered to new customers?

After two years of offering Nutshell Pro+, we noticed something—small teams didn’t actually need it. Nutshell has always been simple and powerful enough for SMBs to use on their own with minimal hand-holding.The Nutshell customers that really needed special attention were the large teams that required a larger lift during implementation, and hired new team members frequently enough to benefit from ongoing user training.Nutshell Pro Enterprise is the CRM for large teams that we (and our customers) were missing.

What makes Nutshell an ideal CRM platform for large teams?

Nutshell is simple enough for anyone to learn, and powerful enough to drive success for organizations of all sizes. Large teams love us because…

  • We grow with your business: Nutshell offers unlimited data storage and unlimited contact records with every subscription. Unlike our competitors, we won’t try to charge you more as your customer base grows.
  • We’re flexible: Instead of jamming every member of your team into a specific way of doing things, Nutshell offers a fully customizable sales process, multiple ways to manage your pipeline, and email integrations that allow your sellers to stay productive in or out of their CRM. No matter how you work, we’ve got your back.
  • We automate the tasks that slow large teams down: According to a study from, sales reps spend more time on administrative tasks than on any other sales-related activity—which can add up to a tremendous amount of lost productivity when multiplied across a large team. By automating common tasks like lead advancement, call logging, email nurturing, and customer data research, Nutshell helps your team spend more of their time selling.

Interested? Drop us a line and we’ll set up a personalized consultation to see if Pro Enterprise is the right CRM platform for you.[inline-cta id="7807"]

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