Nutshell + Olark: Why live chat is the secret weapon for customer satisfaction

Ben Goldstein
VP of Marketing, Nutshell
Ben Goldstein
VP of Marketing, Nutshell

When one of your customers has a urgent question, how long should they wait for an answer?

If you want that customer to remain a customer, the answer is obvious: The less time, the better. Nutshell’s integration with Olark gives your team an easy-to-use live chat tool to serve customers and prospects in real time.

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According to eConsultancy, live chat provides the highest rate of customer satisfaction of any communication method, beating phone support by a full 29%. (That should come as no surprise to anyone who’s wasted an afternoon stuck on hold with a support line.)So how can Nutshell’s Olark integration help your business acquire and retain more customers?

Support customers on their terms—and yours

Live chat gives your website visitors an immediate path to ask your sales team questions or request assistance while they’re browsing through your site. But what happens after your team goes home for the day? With Nutshell’s Olark integration, you decide when to chat, and Olark will take a message and send it you if you’re not available.

The Olark integration also lets you control which customers you chat with and how many chats you allow at a time, keeping your incoming chats at a sustainable level.

Automatically record your chats in Nutshell

Nutshell’s Olark integration saves the transcripts of your chats directly to your Nutshell account, so that each customer’s complete communication history is available to you and your team. That way, you’ll be able to pick right up where you left off when you make contact again. Learn more about saving chat transcripts to Nutshell >

Gain insight into customer behavior

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Olark shows you who’s on your website, which pages they’re looking at, and which products they’re interested in, arming your sales and support reps with a ton of relevant knowledge before the conversation even begins. User chat ratings show you how successful each interaction was, providing valuable insight on how you can improve your customer experience.

Ready to make Olark live chat a part of your company’s sales and support arsenal? Visit to get started!