Nutshell loves Owl's Brew!

Kylie Hosken
Kylie Hosken

We just sent out two hundred free bottles of Owl’s Brew (a tea crafted for cocktails) to companies who are checking out Nutshell.

Why would you do that?

In short, we think Owl’s Brew is awesome and we want to share that awesomeness with the Nutshell community in order to support them and what they’re making. Owl’s Brew has created the first tea crafted for cocktails, and simply put, it’s delicious. They have some amazing flavors, like “Pink & Black” and “Coco-lada,” all brewed with natural ingredients like whole tea leaves, fruits, spices, and herbs, and are crafted to be paired with your favorite spirits. (You’re welcome in advance.)

(The Practical) How?

Step 1: Order 200 bottles of Owl’s Brew.

Step 2: Order 200 boxes, 200 info cards about Owl’s Brew, and bubble wrap in bulk.

Step 3: Bribe your office with free beer to form an assembly line to put together the boxes and package up the bottles.

owl's brew tea cocktails nutshell crm
owl's brew tea cocktails nutshell crm
owl's brew tea cocktails nutshell crm

Step 4: Address boxes, and deliver to your nearest post office.

Step 5: Anxiously wait several days to hear back from customers about how amazing Owl’s Brew is!

What’s the impact?

Owl’s Brew is just one of many amazing companies in our community, and one of many that we’re going to share with you. The end goal is to build up and support our Nutshell companies by sharing what they’re doing (by sending out their products) with the Nutshell community.

Each month moving forward we’re going to highlight and send out some goodies from a different Nutshell customer, so keep an eye out for what’s happening next. In the meantime, check out Owl’s Brew for your next office happy hour—be sure to have your favorite liquor on hand!—then send us an email to tell us about what your company is doing or creating.


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