Nutshell is getting more personal

Andy Fowler
CEO & Co-Founder, Nutshell
Andy Fowler
CEO & Co-Founder, Nutshell

This week, we’re making changes so that Nutshell is even easier to use.

Here’s the short of it: we’re renaming accounts to companies, and contacts to people. If you came for the overview, that’s all you need to know, and you can get back to work!

Words are important, and many CRMs love to mangle them. We’ve heard the industry’s confusion between leads, opportunities, deals, contacts, etc.

As we think through better ways to help your business grow, we’re going to boldly take steps to improve, and this update is one of them.

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Accounts to Companies

We chose “accounts” when we first launched Nutshell, because it covered all the bases: Some of our customers sell to non-profits, churches, governments or baseball teams. But we learned along the way that this word has some baggage—in particular, “account” often implies that a company is already a customer.

At the end of the day, you’re organizing groups of people in Nutshell, and we think that “companies” is the most familiar word to describe them, regardless of their actual organization type.

Contacts to People

Your customers are people and we think your software should reflect that. The entire goal of CRM is to help you cultivate relationships with people not "contacts." I’m hopeful that this subtle change sparks a more—dare I say—personal connection between your team and your customers.


Your bookmarks & URLs work great, and all of our APIs remain unchanged. We’re updating our knowledge base and other content to help make this change more complete. This may take some time so feel free to point out specific instances that need updating.

Most importantly: As your business grows, we think these changes will make it easier for you to introduce your growing team to Nutshell.

From one person to another, let me know what you think on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram!

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