Nutshell All Hands Support Day 2014

Andrew Sardone
Andrew Sardone

Like any startup, the Nutshell crew wears many different hats.

When we launched, I and a few other engineers plopped phones onto our desks and started watching an inbound Zendesk ticket queue. Talking with the people who depend on Nutshell everyday is super valuable, so we quickly dedicated the task to a team of product specialists. Today, they’re the happy faces behind our tickets and chats, helping customers and collecting feedback to work back into the product.

On Thursday, April 24th, the entire team came together for All Hands Support Day. We learned a lot talking directly with SXSW attendees, so we decided to follow the lead of our friends at Olark and dedicate a day where every Nutsheller worked on customer service.

After some breakfast from Afternoon Delight, we gathered around our ping-pong conference room and quickly triaged the unsolved Zendesk tickets. As a group we talked about what bugs had popped up, what difficulties our customers were reporting, and how their suggestions could feed back into the product. Once everyone was on the same page, we went heads down into full support mode.

Within a few minutes, everyone on the team was responding to tickets, chatting with customers, coding bug fixes, and whiteboarding ideas. With the help of some great customer feedback, we…

  • Improved the titles of tasks synced with Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Fixed a problem with the iPhone app and products without prices
  • Worked to restore the account leaderboards in our beta Dashboard
  • Added primary phone numbers to account cards
  • Collected examples that will help improve ongoing account management
  • Added postal code sorting of accounts and contacts
  • And much more!

Thanks to the crew at Olark for the great idea, and for the promotion which made it easy for our entire team to log in and chat. And of course, our integration makes it easy to track those chats within Nutshell.

Nutshell all hands support day 2014

We always work to keep our thumb on the pulse of Nutshell, but it’s valuable to periodically direct the entire company’s focus on customer support. Not only does it give us an opportunity to quickly fix any problems as they arise, it also gives the team new perspectives to kick around when working on product development.

Check out a video of our team at work in the ping-pong room.