New in Nutshell: March 2015

Andy Fowler
CEO & Co-Founder, Nutshell
Andy Fowler
CEO & Co-Founder, Nutshell

It’s been said of Michigan that "February is 13 months long," and the Nutshell team survived it. In Ann Arbor, the thaw began in March, and we stepped up to deliver huge new capability to Nutshell. Here’s what we’ve built.

Nutshell Maps

nutshell maps

Our most visually stunning update of March was Nutshell Maps. Thousands of you have already begun to use this brand-new way to visualize your contacts. Rather than diving into the details here, read Nutshell engineer Chris Cain’s blog post introducing this beautiful new tool.

Zendesk App

zendesk nutshell app

We rewrote our Zendesk integration from the ground-up, using Zendesk’s great new app APIs. If you use Zendesk to support your customers, you can easily track those conversations in Nutshell’s timelines. We’ve created a Nutshell widget that you can view from every Zendesk ticket. And if you’re talking to a customer who’s not in your CRM yet, add them without leaving Zendesk.

When you install the app in Zendesk, it will automatically start sending every conversation you have with a customer from Zendesk into Nutshell’s timelines, for a unified view of your team’s communication. Get started from Zendesk’s app listings.

Mail sync

nutshell mail sync

Every day, our customers add tens of thousands of emails to Nutshell via our Google Gadget,, or our Google Apps "Nutshell" tag. All of these require manual intervention (or some very inventive workarounds), to keep your CRM in the loop.

This week we announced a beta of Nutshell mail sync, which automatically tracks every email you send and receive, with smart, configurable privacy settings. Read more in our announcement blog post.

Mobile file attachment

Last month we added the ability to attach files from sources like Box or Google Drive to contacts and accounts. We updated our Android and iPhone applications to view those attachments, and on the iPhone you can upload new attachments from sources like Dropbox.

We’ve tossed in a few other mobile updates, including better layout of leads (we know numbers aren’t nearly as useful as names!), and a new win rate report on the iPhone.

Subscribable calendar feeds

nutshell calendar feeds

If you’re not using Google Calendar, or if you’re looking for a simpler way to keep your Nutshell events in your existing calendar, we’ve added a subscribable calendar feed.

Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and other calendar applications can subscribe to this feed and you’ll always have your Nutshell activities in the calendar app of your choice. Read more on our knowledge base. For the geeks, this is a standards-compliant iCalendar subscription endpoint.

Smarter activity names in synced calendars

Whether you’re using Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange or our new calendar feeds, we’ve made activities smarter and easier to browse from your calendar. Instead of just the name "Phone call," we’ve heard your feedback from our idea forums, and improved the content in synced activities.

Updated in-app support

We’ve updated our knowledge base and in-app support tool with new videos and fresh content. Behind the scenes, our idea forum, knowledge base, and support tickets are now under the same roof, making it easier for our support team to give you quick and useful help!

Next month

Our mobile team is wrapping up some great work on a huge new tool, and we’re putting the finishing touches on our plan for Q2. I can’t wait to write next month’s post — and not just because I’ll be able to do it from Dominick’s patio…Please share your thoughts below, or send me a tweet. Happy April!


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