New in Nutshell: June 2015

Andy Fowler
CEO & Co-Founder, Nutshell
Andy Fowler
CEO & Co-Founder, Nutshell

Our theme this quarter is "quality of life." Every improvement is about making your day-to-day life in Nutshell better. Here’s how we’re doing that.

Email templates

nutshell email templates

We integrate with MailChimp to send highly-polished email campaigns, but there are times when you need to reach out to a handful of customers or leads to make a more direct connection.

Now, you can create email templates to quickly send a message to one or a handful of Nutshell contacts. You can send email to multiple people from a list in Nutshell, or you can send to one person at a time from their timeline.

I got to use this myself a few weeks ago when I reached out to the top users of our click-to-call feature looking for their feedback. If you’re a Nutshell customer, set up your first email template now!

Faster tasks

Every week, Nutshell users complete thousands of tasks. It’s simple to jot down a quick to-do when you’re looking at somebody in Nutshell—but it still required finding that person first.

nutshell crm tasks

Now, you can create a task with a single click. We’ve distilled due dates to a few faster options. And if you’re in a rush, you don’t even need to connect to a company or person. It’ll still appear on your dashboard.

When something important crosses your mind, it’s so important to be able to quickly jot it down. And when that happens away from your desk, we’re adding this UI to our mobile apps, as well.

nutshell crm search

Reinvented search

Search is critical to us. In fact, when we first launched, we didn’t even have lists—we expected everybody to find people and companies by searching!

We use several techniques to help you find what you’re looking for:

  • Nutshell knows about nicknames, so you can find Bill when you search for William
  • Nutshell knows how names sound, so you find Johnson when you search Jonsen
  • Nutshell even knows abbreviations, so you find "Corp." when you search corporation

But search was outright lousy at times—it was in our top-5 most-wanted fixes in the idea forum.

Last week we shipped a brand new search experience on the web. It includes a new interface to show more information for each result. And it has a redesigned algorithm that takes into account tons of feedback from our customers.

We now detect when you search for something specific like a phone number or email address. Scoring has been improved. And we’ve addressed dozens of cases where we simply didn’t find a company because of a funny name or errant space.

MailChimp events

Our MailChimp integration just got better: Not only can you send companies and people to MailChimp lists, but you can now see MailChimp interactions in Nutshell timelines.

nutshell mailchimp integration

When a customer receives a campaign, opens an email or clicks a link, you’ll now see a note in their timeline. This is a great way to see how engaged they are with your email marketing, especially when you’re using MailChimp automations.

Mobile 2.0 sneak preview

We’re hard at work on a huge update to both our Android and iPhone applications. Not only do they include a beautiful new design and functionality, but they’ll bring our new search algorithms and faster ways to navigate your contacts.

Keep your eyes out for more on this soon!