New in Nutshell: February 2015

Andy Fowler
CEO & Co-Founder, Nutshell
Andy Fowler
CEO & Co-Founder, Nutshell

We’re releasing updates to Nutshell faster than ever, thanks to a lot of new faces on our product team. And with our new idea forum, we’re more tuned in than ever to your feedback.

I’m beginning a regular series that wraps up what we’ve added to Nutshell each month. We’ll keep up our rolling changelog, but this is a chance to get the big picture on what we’re building.

Nutshell Intelligence

We launched one of the biggest features of the month just a few days ago, and while it’s still getting some fine-tuning, we’re announcing it here first. Nutshell Intelligence is a set of new features that make your contacts smarter than ever.

When you add a new contact, or view one that already exists, we’ll do our best to find as much information as we can about them. Right now, this includes location, company, job title, and their LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social URLs.

Nutshell Intelligence is available at no extra cost to all customers today. (And if you want to see an example, add me as a contact to your own Nutshell account — my email address is!We’re continuing to make Nutshell smarter, as well as give you indicators of when we’ve been able to find new information. In the meantime, let us know what you think!

File attachments

nutshell crm file attachments

Historically, you could attach files only to Nutshell leads, and that tool needed some love. Today, you can use our new file picker to attach files to any contact, account, or lead. Or, save time by just drag-and-dropping files onto the page.

And, this new tool also allows you to pick files directly from your Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive account.

When you upload a new file, it’ll show up in the company feed, so your team can access the new information.

Mobile @-mentioning

Our @-mentioning feature allows you to cross-reference a note or comment with any other contact or account in Nutshell. Most powerfully, you can use @-mentioning to notify any other Nutshell user about the note you’re making.

This month, both our iPhone and Android applications got @-mentioning, which makes it so much easier to chat with your team on the go.

Many times a day I open up our iPhone app to check on our company feed, and use this feature to bring in different members of the team.

nutshell mobile contact import

Mobile contact import

It’s a pain to create contacts with a small keyboard. Our latest Android update adds the ability to quickly import a contact from your phone’s address book to Nutshell. And we’ve got this same feature pending review from Apple — you should have it within a few days.

This new tool also lets you import every contact from your phone, to quickly get up and running with Nutshell. And powered up with Nutshell Intelligence, when you look at those contacts, you’ll learn more than you knew before.

Mobile feed improvements

If you spend a lot of time in the mobile feed (like we do), we’ve made your life a lot easier. When you tap a note or email, you can now jump directly to the contact or user who it’s related to.

And now, when you tap another Nutshell user, we’ve added their own timeline. A great way to check in on what your teammates are up to.

Mac App update

Our Mac App started as an internal experiment, and we’ve heard rave reviews from you. We’ve improved it with support for multiple windows (via Cmd-Click), and support for file uploads and downloads. You can download it from the App Store.

Customize contact and account images

nutshell upload contact photo

While we’ve automatically added photos of your contacts via Twitter and Gravatar, we know that it’s not always so easy. And we also know how much more of a connection you form with your customers when you see their face in front of you!

You can now pick a custom image for every contact and account. And to do this quickly, just drag-and-drop a photo onto their contact page.

A quick tip to get images for the companies you work with: Our file picker has a built-in web image search. Just search for their company logo, and you don’t need to go hunting on your own.

Oh, and if you’ve already got a custom photo for a contact on your phone, and you use our new mobile importer, it’ll automatically be attached.

Win rate graphs

Our sales analytics graphs are the birds-eye view you see on the main reports tab. We’ve improved them by adding total sales for the period, and as a new win rate graph, so you can watch your team evolve over time.

Next month

It’s so personally exciting to sum up our team’s work in a post like this, but knowing what’s on the table is even better. Keep an eye on our rolling changelog, Twitter, and Facebook for updates as we ship them.

And please reach out to me to share what you think! Find me on Twitter, and I watch our idea forum quite carefully.

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