New in Nutshell: April 2015

Andy Fowler
CEO & Co-Founder, Nutshell
Andy Fowler
CEO & Co-Founder, Nutshell

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes making Nutshell better. We built a lot of great things last month, and as Joe shared, we’re focusing on quality-of-life as a theme for this quarter’s roadmap.

Business card scanning

nutshell business card scanning

Adding people to your CRM is one of the most time-consuming activities, especially when you’ve got a stack of business cards from a conference.

You can now use Nutshell’s iPhone and Android applications to quickly photograph and import business cards. We’ll send you a notification as soon as we finish processing.

30-day calendar

nutshell calendar at-a-glance-preview

From any page in Nutshell, you can open a calendar and see an overview of the day’s schedule. We’ve even built a really sweet at-a-glance preview, to show you how busy you are each day.

For our customers who use Google Calendar, we’ve got some great news to share next week.

Won lead & task notifications

nutshell lead notification

We’ve introduced new notification options for when anybody in your company wins a lead. And we’ve also added notifications for when your tasks are due, complementing activity reminders.

Icing on the cake

  • You can now upload avatars for your colleagues, if it drives you crazy when you see photo-less events in the feed
  • Our lists of leads, companies and people now show 150% more entries per page
  • We’ve added the ability to unassign a lead from the web

Coming soon

We’re putting the finishing touches on several great tools that make it much easier to track your phone calls and meetings in Nutshell. Can’t wait to reveal them later this month!

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