Lighting fires: the new dashboard

Andy Fowler
CEO & Co-Founder, Nutshell
Andy Fowler
CEO & Co-Founder, Nutshell

For the last few months, we’ve been polishing and refining our new dashboard. As of today, it’s live for all customers. We wanted to give you a brief introduction to it, and describe some of the decision-making we put into it.

When we sat down to rebuild Nutshell’s dashboard, we realized that it needed to answer two questions:

  • What’s going on in my company?
  • What do I need to do?

As we began this project, I had just taken a lot of inspiration from Visakan Veerasamy’s essay on filling buckets vs. lighting fires. Our team had a lot of discussions on CRM’s role in reminding you what to do, versus inspiring you to better engage with your customers.

It’s a lofty goal, and the new dashboard is just the first step toward it. We honestly believe that CRM shouldn’t just be the bucket that holds your customer relationship tasks. It should inspire you, it should ignite conversations in your team, it should actually help you relate with your customers.

Here’s how we’re working to get there.

Company and user dashboards

nutshell company and user dashboards

To keep you focused on the task at hand, our biggest decision was to divide the dashboard into two views.

One shows information on your entire company, and the other is customized just for you.

Company feed

nutshell company feed

Front and center in the company dashboard is the feed. As your team engages with leads and customers, the conversations appear in real time.

This timeline includes emails, notes, logged activities, and new leads. If you integrate with Zendesk or Olark, those conversations are included too.

This live look into your company is now available on our iPhone app, and will be landing on the Android app in the next few weeks.

This all-inclusive look into what your customers are saying, and what you’re saying to them, is an insightful—and we hope, inspiring—glimpse into how you can grow your business.

At-a-glance gauges

nutshell at-a-glance gauges

On the sidebar, you’ll find a concise snapshot of the health of your business: new lead volume, pipeline, funnel, and sales. We also include an activity leaderboard that shows you the email and activity volume of your company and top team members.

A brightly-lit indicator into your company’s sales health should be one of the first things you see when you log into your CRM. And it should never take a "report" to discover your top leads.

Some of this data is already available on the iPhone app, and we’re working to bring more of it there.

CRM shouldn’t just be the bucket that holds your customer relationship tasks — it should inspire you, it should ignite conversations in your team, it should actually help you relate with your customers.

Your steps & activities

nutshell steps and activities

Our vision for CRM is a tool that lights fires in your team, not one that creates buckets to fill. But tracking your specific to-do tasks is still critical, and so we’ve streamlined the task list. It’s now a better jumping-off point, and easier to scan.

Like the prior dashboard, you’ll still find a list of the activities you’ve scheduled with your contacts. We’ve cleaned up and streamlined this list to make it easier to scan.

If you have permission, you can easily jump to a colleague’s dashboard to see what’s on their plate for the week. And as always, you can sync Nutshell with your Google Calendar to keep all of your activities in one place.

Personal gauges

nutshell crm personal sales gauges

One of the best motivators is to watch your own success. So on the side of your dashboard is a look at the month’s sales that you’re responsible for, as well as the total amount you’ve got in your personal pipeline.

We also illustrate your own productivity, including phone calls, emails, and other Nutshell activities. If you have an activity quota, you’ll see your progress toward it.

The road ahead

lighting fires

We’ve built this new dashboard on all-new APIs, as a platform to grow with the rest of Nutshell. Today, we’re building new collaborative features that further our goal of a CRM that lights fires.

We’ve already begun to collect your feedback on what you love (and what you miss) about the new dashboard. We’ve heard that you’re looking for better ways to see your most important activities up front, smarter tools to reschedule overdue activities, and more information on entities attached to activities. We’re listening, and we’re continually improving.


Let us know what you think about the new dashboard via Twitter, Facebook, or email. Thanks for using Nutshell!

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