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Joe Malcoun
Joe Malcoun

Since our launch we’ve allowed our product to speak for itself. Word has traveled fast that Nutshell is a perfect CRM tool for SMBs who cannot rely on costly and resource-intensive training.

We know that promoting our product is important and we realize that we need to do a number of new things—or at least new at Nutshell.

Until recently, the full extent of our marketing campaign involved spending a few thousand dollars a month on a fairly blunt and unattended AdWords campaign. That’s it. Every month we funded the same handful of tired ads proclaiming our relative place in the CRM hierarchy. It was inefficient and not strategic. In fact, @andyfowler often relates the story that he once logged into our account and it replied, “It’s been 11 months since your last login.”

Yet Nutshell’s user base and revenues continued to grow, and recently we attained the all-elusive state of “cash-flow positive”—which is not actually where a company of our size and age should be, but an amazing feat none-the-less.

nutshell crm revenue ad spend time to spread the word

So what to do with this well-geared machine? Hit the gas!

First, we’re going to pick up a megaphone and tell the world about Nutshell. We’ve got a terrific product that powers thousands of businesses, and it’s time to share that story. We’re quintupling our marketing budget and putting a lot of new resources into a thoughtful, strategic campaign.

Experiment, measure, synthesize, adapt…repeat.

Second, we’re developing a meaningful and sincere inbound marketing campaign that provides thought leadership on how small businesses grow. Our customers need so much more than a CRM. They are often resource restrained and we want to make sure that Nutshell is a partner helping them build their businesses.

Next, we will tell our customers’ stories so others experience the value that well-designed CRM like Nutshell creates. As a platform technology we know that our customers use Nutshell in many creative ways and we want to learn about those uses so we can better build and better market our product.

Beyond landing pages and strategic keyword strategies, we need others to promote our product and to be fanatical about using it. That’s why we are going deploy a great deal of resources to enhance our customer experience team. As a scrappy upstart, we can provide a friendlier, more thoughtful experience than some of our big brothers.

Lastly, we can do more for our trial customers by engaging them early and helping them quickly understand the power of Nutshell. When Andy and the team launched Nutshell several years ago they were nearly surprised when the phone starting ringing with questions; our engineers were doubling as support professionals. Today we have an awesome team who answer hundreds of inquiries each week. But we can do better and be proactive in offering our expertise to customers.

And who is going to drive all of this? Well, we’ve just hired two incredibly smart team members to lead marketing and customer experience. Each is a world-class professional at what they do and will bring an incredible amount of experience to Nutshell. I can’t wait to get them on board and introduce them to you!

So, keep an eye out for a much more robust marketing presence and an enhanced customer experience. But ultimately we need to make sure our effort resonates with you. So tell us how we’re doing…don’t be shy!

Stay tuned for the final post on Nutshell’s purpose, which I’ll post soon.

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