It's time for a new CEO

Guy Suter
Guy Suter

We are announcing a new CEO to lead our team in an exciting chapter!

But first, a little history…At my last company, BitLeap, we struggled for years to find a good CRM. Salesforce was too cumbersome for our lean startup needs. We were also offended that API access was an expensive option instead of being included for all customers. We never found a good CRM fit at BitLeap but instead settled for an inconvenient, home-grown approach.

This frustration sparked a desire to build a better CRM. And so, led by Andy Fowler (Co-founder & CTO), Nutshell was born in 2010.Nutshell has always focused on elegant design, making it easy to learn and pleasurable to use. It also integrates perfectly with services like Google Apps, MailChimp, and other apps modern businesses love.

Today—with all its features, mobile apps, unlimited storage, and an open API—Nutshell is an affordable, powerful option for all SMBs and startup companies. I am incredibly proud of what Nutshell provides to our customers.

Why a new CEO now?

To start with, I have not ever been a full-time CEO at Nutshell.

When Nutshell began, my primary focus was at Barracuda Networks who had recently acquired BitLeap. In those days, my contribution to Nutshell was mostly advisory. My role varied as Nutshell grew but always existed in a limited capacity. Today, I split my time between Nutshell and a startup company.

Nutshell’s potential to accelerate growth and innovation now is palpable and infectious. In the past few years and with minor marketing effort, Nutshell reached profitability and grew to support thousands of customers.

With its focus on design, mobile apps, and integrations, Nutshell is superbly positioned as a brilliant alternative to increasingly vulnerable CRM incumbents. We believe the market is ripe for disruption and Nutshell is leading the charge.Our purpose at Nutshell has always been to help people build great companies. That is what our original tagline “Mind your business” means to us. We have to be true to this in all things we do. For Nutshell to be a great company, it now needs a full-time CEO who is ready and able to lead us through a demanding new growth phase.

So who is this new person?

joe malcoun nutshell ceo sunglasses

I am thrilled to announce that Nutshell’s new CEO is Joe Malcoun.

Joe is a three-time graduate from the University of Michigan—holding a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy and a Finance and Strategy MBA. Yes, he is a pretty smart fellow.

Previously, Joe helped to define strategy and corporate development at DTE Energy, a $13B publicly traded utility company. In more recent years, Joe has run an investment capital firm specializing in early-stage software startups. Joe serves as president of the Board of Directors at 826Michigan, a non-profit supporting student literacy. He has strong ties throughout our home state of Michigan and across the technology industry.

It has been my pleasure to get to know Joe both personally and professionally these past many months. I have confidence he will lead Nutshell to great new heights. It will be fun to watch the impact his abundant energy and intelligence will bring to our team.

Going forward, I will continue to be on the Board of Directors where I am excited to support Joe and Nutshell in my new role as Chairman.

You can get in touch with Joe on Twitter or LinkedIn. I wish Joe congratulations and a big welcome to Nutshell!

Some thoughts for the new “Guy”…

Here’s a short note I would leave in Joe’s desk drawer—if our standing desks had them.

Earlier this year, I told the team that I believe great companies come from a combination of purpose, product, and promotion.

Nutshell’s purpose to help people build companies is truly noble. Its focus on design from day-one has built an excellent product. Now it is time to ramp up the promotional side and grow the company to match its full potential.

My advice is to constantly remember to nurture and protect the strong positions in purpose and product Nutshell already has while finding new ways to increase growth.

In all things, take care of the customer!

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- Guy Suter

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