How Nutshell can help your small or medium business

Ahmad Aggour
Ahmad Aggour

Large companies have enjoyed the luxury of being able to invest in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for well over a decade.

With the recent rise of cloud technology, however, businesses of all sizes have been able to afford the opportunities that CRM provides.

Many CRMs on the market remain expensive, complicated to use, and packed with unnecessary features that most businesses have no need for. On the other hand, the free (or freemium) CRMs often provide too little value to be of any use.

At Nutshell, we’ve created something special: A CRM that is powerful, yet simple and easy-to-use, with a design that is both elegant and intuitive. We believe that the first step to realizing the value that CRM can deliver is to ensure that it’s fun and easy to use while still providing the features that deliver value.

So how can Nutshell CRM help you and your business?

It’s easy to adopt

We hear it from our customers all the time. If your sales and customer service professionals don’t use the CRM, then you’re not receiving value. If that’s the case, why invest? This is an ongoing issue that plagues the CRM industry, and while other companies try to add new features to counter the issue, we decided to design the entire product around it. We want you to use Nutshell; not just because we built it, but because we truly want to see your business thrive.

Take it for a test drive and see for yourself.

It increases the effectiveness of your salespeople

Giving your salespeople the tools they need to keep leads and opportunities organized is vital to their success. Nutshell enables salespeople to capture and manage information, schedule and view tasks, appointments, emails, and notes in a clean, intuitive and centralized location that is accessible from any device.

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Oh, and if a problem arises that requires the care of a customer service professional, he or she can quickly view all interactions that were had between your business and the customer, helping him or her to deliver the best customer support.

Accurately forecast sales

Don’t get stuck making uninformed sales forecasting decisions. Having a holistic view into all of your company’s sales activities can provide valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t, giving you the information needed to optimize your processes. This will allow sales managers to make strategic, real-time adjustments before the sales period is over and it’s too late.

Nutshell’s built-in reports allow you to view sales forecasting data, sales comparisons over two periods of time, sales activities, and more. And if that’s not enough, you can create your own custom report, highlighting the information that matters most to you.

Become a customer-oriented business

Nutshell is the hub for all of your customer information, making it easy for users to access and edit shared data about each customer touch point, phone call, or email your business makes. Everyone loves to receive personalized messages and offers. By having visibility into all purchase activities and interactions with customers and prospects, tailoring the experience has never been easier.

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That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Nutshell is a powerfully simple CRM, making it easy for your team to share information, collaborate and win more deals, all within its intuitive, beautifully-designed interface.

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