Commenting and collaboration in Nutshell timelines

Andy Fowler
CEO & Co-Founder, Nutshell
Andy Fowler
CEO & Co-Founder, Nutshell

When we launched your company’s feed as part of the new Nutshell dashboard, we knew it’d quickly become a critical part of how you collaborate with your colleagues.

The realtime view into the output and interaction of your team makes it a great tool to instantly see how you’re communicating with customers and leads.

Today, we’ve added the ability to comment on the items in your company feed. Any time you exchange an email, log an activity, or write a note about a customer, the rest of your team can add to the conversation, directly from the dashboard.

When you comment on a timeline item, Nutshell will notify the relevant Nutshell users via email or mobile push. (We’ll never notify your customers.)

Who is notified?

If my teammate Andrew writes an email to a customer and I wanted to add some information that he missed, I could comment on the email, "Don’t forget to let them know about our new blog post!" Since Andrew wrote the original email, Nutshell will let him know about my comment. And if he responds with a comment of his own, I’ll be notified, since I’m now a part of the thread.

Keep lighting fires

Our investment in company feeds makes for elegant and simple ways to keep your finger on the pulse of your business’s relationship with customers. Let me know how company feeds work for you, and how we can make it easier for your team to help each other better represent your business.

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One more thing

Oh, and if you love emojis as much as we do, they’re a perfect complement to commenting!