Bloomerang helps non-profit organizations increase donor retention rates

Bloomerang, a leading provider of record keeping software for non-profit organizations, needed a solution to help kickstart its growth, keep its salespeople organized, and increase donor retention.

Comprised of experienced consultants and salespeople, it was only a few months before Bloomerang was selecting a CRM tool to adopt. After much deliberation, the selection was made: Zoho CRM. Two months later, Bloomerang was in the market, yet again, for a CRM solution that supported its teams.

We started using Nutshell about two years ago and haven’t looked back since. We don’t have large budgets for technology or technology training, so finding a CRM that was intuitive and simple for anyone to learn on their own was vital for us.In addition to its simplicity and ease-of-use, a major selling point for us was Nutshell’s integration with Google Apps. About 70% of our communication is done through Google Mail, so as you can imagine, a seamless integration between our email and our CRM was absolutely critical.

Since using Nutshell, Bloomerang has experienced 100% revenue growth, year over year, as well as increased donor retention rates for its customers. Read more about Bloomerang's Nutshell success story right here.

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