A new Nugget of joy

Dylan Goings
Dylan Goings

A new integration from our friends at 40Nuggets makes collecting leads from your website easier than ever.

It felt like striking gold when we connected with the team at 40Nuggets to talk about setting up an integration with Nutshell. If you haven’t heard of 40Nuggets yet, it’s a nifty lead capture tool that allows anyone to add beautifully designed popup forms to their websites. Setup is super quick and simple, but there’s a lot of power once you dig in, letting you segment and target visitors with intelligent prompts to sign up/download/connect with you. Lead automation and converting your website visitors can be tricky business, but 40Nuggets makes it a breeze.

One of the biggest hurdles to using a CRM can be data entry. Manual entry or import of leads from various sources can take a lot of time and energy and prevents you from actually doing the important work of closing sales. That’s why we work hard at Nutshell to streamline this process for our customers, with features like business card scanning from our mobile apps, Nutshell Intelligence, and plenty of integration partners. Speaking of which...

40nuggets integration nutshell crm

With the new Nutshell integration from 40Nuggets, you now have the ability to automatically create leads and contacts in your Nutshell account from the Nuggets on your website. The integration will smartly identify the source of your leads and allow you to customize lead tags and custom contact information. The integration is super simple to set up, and is available to all 40Nuggets and Nutshell customers.

I can’t tell you how personally impressed I was with the team over at 40Nuggets as we developed this partnership. After talking over the details of the integration, they used the Nutshell API to create an initial working integration literally overnight! I love seeing great ideas brought to life so fluidly, and can’t wait to work more with 40Nuggets in the future.

Ready to get started? Sign up for a free Nutshell trial account right now, then make sure to head over to and sign up for a trial account there as well.

Do you have an idea for another great Nutshell integration? You can take a page out of 40Nuggets’ book and whip something up using our open API, or reach out to us on twitter, facebook, and our support forum to let us know what you’d like to see next.

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