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4 signs that your sales process works

Kaitlyn Wightman
Kaitlyn Wightman

If you’re like most businesses, you want to increase sales for a bigger cash flow and higher profits. That’s where the strength of your sales team comes into play.

While having an all-star sales team is the dream, it’s not a must-have. In fact, any sales team can still make a big impact by having a solid sales process in place.

Is your sales process working for you? Here’s how to know if you’re on track to success—or if your practices could use some fine-tuning.

You Follow Up Regularly

Following up with potential customers is often what seals the deal. To make this happen, you have a strong game plan on how you engage with leads.

If your sales process doesn’t include reaching out to interested buyers days or weeks after the first call, then great opportunities could be slipping through the cracks. Does your sales team:

  • Follow up with leads at specific times?
  • Schedule and remember follow ups?
  • Have content marketing materials to give to potential customers in order to keep their interest?

Your Sales Team Works Together Efficiently & Effectively

As the saying goes, sales teams that work together win sales together. Your sales team collaborates as one unit instead of working disjointedly as separate individuals. They have access to the right tools so that any sales rep can pick up the conversation where it left off.

If this doesn’t sound your sales team, your sales process could be suffering. Does your sales team:

  • Record all interactions with potential customers?
  • Track all cross-channel conversations with interested buyers?
  • Collaborate online with their sales peers?

Your Sales Team Has a Great Close Rate

Converting leads into sales is what creates revenue—and your team’s doing it. Your sales conversion rate is at least 10% and your team values the buyer’s experience throughout the sales process.

If your sales conversation rate is substantially lower, then you need to reevaluate your sales process. Does your sales team:

  • Understand and complete the necessary steps to take throughout the sales process?
  • Address the pain points of the potential customer and provide solutions?
  • Review sales reports and evaluate their performance?

Your Sales Team Is Happy

Of course, sales reps are frustrated after a missed opportunity or failed sale. But overall your sales team leaves the office with the happy attitude that they came in with. Not to mention your team’s low turnover rate.

If your team’s frustration extends beyond failure to make the sale, take a deeper look at your sales process. Does your sales team:

  • Find the sales process easy to follow and convenient?
  • Access tools that minimize time away from reaching out to potential customers?
  • Feel that the sales process takes them into account?

How to Make Your Sales Process Work

A sales process that’s not working for you needs revising. So talk to your sales team and ask what’s working and what’s not. Tailor your sales process to meet the specific needs of your company. Look into migrating your sales process to CRM or other management tools so that everyone stays connected and on track.

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